The first truly immersive event platform
Seamlessly interact with your audience in real time on digital, hybrid and in person events. Stream with less than 500ms latency to thousands of attendees.
How can OiikuLive improve your next event?
Reason #1
It's an immersive full screen experience
OiikuLive is designed as a full screen experience, removing all other distractions. Your content fills the entire screen and the user interface is integrated into the broadcast, resulting in a truly unique and immersive experience.
Reason #2
It’s in real time
With other streaming platforms there is usually up to 45 seconds delay between the studio and the audience. Even platforms claiming to have "ultra low latency" will not get below 3 seconds. This makes true interaction difficult, if not impossible.

OiikuLive uses WebRTC, a technology which enables us to deliver video with less than 1 second delay. The host can invite up to 8 attendees onto the virtual stage with video and audio, and talk to them like they're in the same room. OiikuLive enables your audience to give instant feedback and interact in real time, making it a truly engaging and live experience.
Reason #3
With a live audience
What is lost in digital events is the feeling of being present and sharing an experience. Especially for speakers, presenting at a digital event feels like speaking into an empty void.

OiikuLive integrates the audience into the experience. Watch the audience grow as attendees enter and light up when interacting or joining the stage, giving your speakers instant feedback.
Reason #4
Scales to any event size
Internal team meeting? Webinar? Company kick off? Global multi day conference? With our scalable server architecture and video distribution network we're able to handle thousands of attendees in a single event. And in a couple of seconds you can bring anyone on stage with video and audio.
Reason #5
Make it your own
We give you access to the entire screen real estate, creating endless possibilities to make your event visually unique. If you've got a studio or a venue use lighting, backdrops and props to design your set. If not, design a cool static or animated background image. Hide all the buttons and interface elements you don't need and customize the interface colors and fonts to match your brand.
Reason #6
Engage with interactive slides
Normal slides are boring. Engage your audience with interactive slides while your speakers are presenting. Let them explore 3D models, scroll through a product website, explore a map, join a poll or play a casual game.
Reason #7
Zero learning curve, no software to download
Who wants to create an account or "learn a new platform" when joining a digital event? In OiikuLive you just enter your name and join. All modern browsers are supported, even on mobile. No need to download video conferencing software, not even for external speakers.
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Reason #8
Hybrid and physical events
On hybrid events, attendees that are on site check in with a QR code and appear in the audience alongside the digital attendees. On-site attendees can use OiikuLive on their phone to submit questions, join polls, chat or explore interactive content. Even on traditional physical events OiikuLive is a great tool for interacting with your audience.
Reason #9
Control from anywhere
You can switch between broadcasts, backgrounds, and interactive slides in our Studio view that runs in any modern browser, even on your phone or tablet. You can also invite speakers or attendees on stage, moderate questions, chat with attendees and view live stats.
Reason #10
Broadcast from anywhere
Broadcast from any modern browser and multiple sources to your event. Use your default webcam, phone, USB camera, NDI camera or OBS. Or if you already have a professional studio or broadcast setup you can stream RTMP directly to OiikuLive.
Reason #11
Privacy and GDPR
We do not keep any data about your attendees. Period. They do not have to create an account, they just enter their name and join the event. After the event all personal attendee data is deleted. Our servers are located in the EU and we are fully GDPR compliant.
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