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Offline... for now
Today, September 9th 2023, exactly 3 years after we got the idea for OiikuLive, we are shutting it down.

We set out to create "The first truly immersive event platform for digital and hybrid events", and I feel that we partially succeeded. We had our first paying customer only six months after the first line of code was written. Feedback from the events we've had on the platform has been great. We've had some technical challenges on the way, and learned a lot.

However, post-pandemic, the interest from our clients in digital and hybrid events has dwindled. There is still a lot of work to do on OiikuLive, but challenging for our small team to fund it, while still working on our main product oiiku.com

We may revive OiikuLive sometime in the future, but for now we will not take on any new digital or hybrid events.

Thank you so much to our team and clients for believing in this project!

Bjørnar Stray Berentsen
Founder & CPO
Oiiku & OiikuLive